Clinical Treatment Services

This category focuses on primary health care for an individual's physical health within the context of direct clinical assistance in HIV and Hep C health care. This would include HIV and Hep C treatment clinics and hospitals.

Counselling & Support

This category focuses on mental health and emotional wellness and support.

Financial & Employment Services

This category includes finance related issues and services, with a focus on employment services, financial help services and income support services.

Food & Practical Assistance

This category focuses on help and assistance with people’s daily lives for services such as, finding food/nutrition programs (including food banks and meal programs) and practical assistance such as transportation.

Harm Reduction & Sexual Health

This category focuses on harm reduction and support for people looking for help with addictions or substance use; access to safer sex tools and resources (i.e. condoms lube, etc.) and safer sex information.

Health & Wellness

This category is specific to physical health and wellbeing. This does not include primary health care, but does include complementary therapies and health promotion.

HIV/AIDS Service Organization

This unique category captures the wide variety of programs and services offered by HIV and AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs). AIDS service organizations are community based organizations that provide support for people living with and affected by HIV. While their primary function is to provide needed services to individuals at risk or living with HIV, they also provide support services for their families and friends as well as conduct prevention efforts. These services may include family or individual counselling as well as HIV testing and referral resources.


This category encompasses housing assistance and support, including housing case management, referrals and support to find housing.

Legal Services

This category includes any sort of assistance that involves the law/lawyers or legal assistance for people living with HIV and/or Hep C.


This category includes organizations that offer PrEP.


This category includes organizations that primarily offer HIV, Hep C and STI testing.